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Student Secondary English Resources

At Qwiller, we love telling stories and we hope that if you’ve come here, you do too.

We are all about helping you to find your voice as a writer so that you can tell your stories in ways that represent your unique experience of the world. We also have resources to help you with your English classes to make your experience of school a bit easier.

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For creative writers who appreciate the structure and guidance of a professional writer and teacher. Get the most out of of Qwiller Publishing workbooks, with guided activities, live feedback and forum discussions.

English Workbooks (Digital or Print)

Qwiller English workbooks contain information and activities about a particular concept set for study in English classrooms.

The English workbooks provide the activities for students to learn about a particular concept relevant to the study of Secondary English and develop their skills in creating an assessment task.

On Demand Workbooks

Scope & Curriculums

Our Workbooks are aligned with the:

  • Australian English Curriculum and the
  • NSW English Syllabus K-10 for the Australian Curriculum. 

However, the units of work can still be used by teachers referring to different English curriculums. Contact Qwiller to discuss how we can adapt out units of work to suit your needs.

Creative Writing Workbooks (Digital or Print)

Qwiller creative writing workbooks contain information and activities for you to learn about a particular genre of creative writing and develop your skills in creative writing in that genre.

On Demand Creative Writing Workbooks