Qwiller Online Education Courses

Qwiller Online Education Courses

Helping you help teachers and students

Premise of Online School

It’s taken me a while to get my head around how to not only write for the education market, but to earn an income from writing resources for education. In these courses, I share the knowledge, skills and expertise I have gained throughout the ten years I have been creating for the education publishing industry. These two online courses provide an opportunity for you to learn all you need to know about writing an English education book and/or developing, creating and marketing your self-publishing education business.

I wish there were courses like this available when I first started writing in 2008 and when I launched Qwiller Publishing in 2012. I’m excited to share all I have learnt from experience and from the Masters of Publishing I completed at Sydney University in 2017.

Online Courses

There are two courses available:

Course dates for 2022/2023
Contact Qwiller to begin courses at a time that suits you.


Start: Monday 7 November

End: Sunday 18 December


Start: Monday 6 March

End: Sunday 16 April

Start: Monday 5 June

End: Sunday 16 July

Start: Monday 4 September

End: Sunday 15 October

Aims of Online School

At Qwiller, we love telling stories and we hope that if you’ve come here, you do too.

We are all about helping you to find your voice as a writer so that you can tell your stories in ways that represent your unique experience of the world. We also have resources to help you with your English classes to make your experience of school a bit easier.

Online Courses

For creative writers who appreciate the structure and guidance of a professional writer and teacher. Get the most out of of Qwiller Publishing workbooks, with guided activities, live feedback and forum discussions.

Online Mentoring

Looking to elevate your creative writing further? Online creative writing mentoring is just the ticket for you. Work with a professional writer and teacher who will guide your writing on projects you choose.

Creative Writing Online Courses

Coming Soon.

Creative Writing Online Courses

Qwiller Online School is coming soon.